Dried Orange Slices

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For all your craft needs, these orange slices have been naturally dried to give a finished product that can be used for many different craft projects.... such as making your own wreaths, pot pourri, scrap booking, card making etc. You can even scent them with fragrance oil and pop them in your wardrobes or draws.

We naturally dry these orange slices ourselves to make all of our products, originally due to our love of homemade Christmas decorations, but we have now evolved all of our natural hand dried products to supply fellow craft makers with hand dried, affordable supplies for all different uses.

As the oranges have been naturally dried, this makes them naturally porous and will absorb any fragrance. There's also no need to worry about shelf life. As we slowly dry all our sundries ourselves, they naturally preserve themselves, and will last for years if kept in a warm and dry place. 

In each pack of ten slices you will receive 6 large orange slices (approx. 5cm diameter), 2 medium slices (approx. 4cm diameter) and 2 small slices (approx. 3cm diameter). Since these are natural products, all sizes will vary slightly, but this will give a full selection of a natural orange slices.

We hope these will put your creative minds in gear and will produce something beautifully handmade.