Dried Fruit Garland - with Red Bows

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Naturally dried fruit slices are one of the most classically rustic touches you can add to your home throughout the year, and these garlands do just that.

 Made from hand dried orange and apple slices, these fruit garlands come complete with wicker balls to add to the natural look. Finished with three ribbon bows, these garlands really do offer that handmade touch.  

The garlands are approximately sixty centimetres long and as a result can be hung anywhere around the home, including over doorways, mantel pieces and book shelves. All garlands are secured with a loop at either end as well as in the middle, and they can be hung all year round in your home. You can even change the bows to suit the season – tartans look beautiful at Christmas!

Garland size: approximately 60cm (24inc) long, between 40cm to 50cm (16in to 20in) when hung from all three loops.

The fruit on the garland will darken over time, but as long as you keep your finished garland in a dry area and away from damp, it will be a consistent addition to your home for years to come.

What’s more, these garlands love anything fragranced! Although naturally scented from the dried orange and apple slices, all you need to do is spray these with your favourite home fragrance spray and oil from time to time to create your own home air freshener!