Make Your Own Crochet Heart Kit - Filled with Dried Oranges

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Designed down to very last stitch, this hanging crochet heart creates the perfect heart shape every time, and is a brilliant gift for yourself or a friend with just a teeny bit of crochet know how.

Complete with a crocheted loop, these hearts can be hung from anywhere within your home, and are a perfect size to hang from door handles, wardrobes even in your car! Filled with dried oranges, these hearts are naturally scented and will freshen up any wardrobe, room or space within your home.

Even the ribbon bow can be easily changed and replaced with your own bow, meaning your heart can be customised to suit your home through any season!

What’s included in your kit:

  • Natural jute three-ply twine
  • Plastic crochet hook
  • Dried lavender or orange heart filling
  • One ready-made and threaded ribbon bow
  • Full step by step instructions

Finished heart size: approximately 15cm x 15cm, 6cm depth (6in x 6in, 2.4in depth)

With just the most basic stitches: chain, double and treble, and with the full step by step guide to help you along the way, you will soon have your very own homemade heart.

This kit only takes around one to two hours to make from start to finish, so you could have your very own heart finished in a rainy afternoon! If you love the smell of your heart, you can even top it up with your own favourite fragrance oil: just sprinkle over a few drops and the natural twine and filling will absorb beautifully!

If you get stuck on any of the stitches or parts of the instructions, you can view our help video by clicking here!