Make Your Own Heart Cushion Kit - Red Check

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These crocheted edge heart cushions make the most perfect addition to your sofa and armchair, and now you can make your very own.

Made for even the most novice crochet lover, follow the step by step instructions, crocheting a single stitch into the pre-holed tweed fabric and it really couldn’t be easier to create. With everything included in the kit, within a couple of hours your finished cushion will be taking its rightful place on your sofa!

What’s included in your kit:

  • Heart shaped tweed material with pre-drilled holes for stitches
  • High grade cushion stuffing
  • Natural jute three-ply twine
  • One ready-made threaded ribbon bow
  • Three sewing pins to help pin your heart while you crochet
  • Full step by step instructions

All you will need are a pair of scissors, a rainy afternoon and a little bit of creativity to finish your beautiful finished product.

Finished cushion size: approximately 30cm x 30cm, 6cm depth (12in x 12in, 2.4in depth)

And just to add that very last touch of cosy goodness, this tweed fabric absorbs fragrance sprays beautifully. Have a spray of your own favourite home fragrance spray on this cushion and it will turn into a gorgeous air freshener for your home – what a could be better!

If you get stuck on any of the stitches or parts of the instructions, you can view our help video by clicking here!